This is Not a Drill

alarm and full bladder propel me out of bed
alone would not be enough to pitch me
into the black of early morning late in fall

I roust the boy release the dog pass my water
all in a flurry of purposeful action flying to meet
with full bellies flossed teeth and tied shoe laces

the door of the car backpack unslung dog unleashed
butts in the seats and backing out the drive on time
more variables for failure than any game

contrived to entertain the most astute player
biorhythms of an almost-teen demand more sleep
hoody pulled low to delay the waking moment

grunt at curb he leaps to a promise of learning
school doors swung wide opening to enlightenment
the thrill is more than his dancing legs can suppress

intricacies of exponential expressions
alchemy of science and the laws of physics
this is not a drill repeat this is not a drill

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