Sometimes My Universe

sometimes my universe is so small
folded in on itself like a silk scarf
at the back of a dresser drawer
voluminous in a good breeze
but melting to nothing in the hand
or pouring out like water
I should wonder it matters at all

star maps and obelisks
pop out of the creases
in shouts of I Am
roll with the highlands and sloughs
peppered with oak maple birch and yew
mapping a green life
emphatically declaring I Am

we breathe ourselves to life
feeling our way through oceans
tremor of deep vibrations
a rush a glow a rash a sigh
color the ethers in waves
tide lines rimmed with star clusters
so many opportunities for grace

drop the clod of earth
sink to your knees
let the damp soak to your skin
mulch peat loam mud
the answers to our prayers and dreams
drape your scarf to catch the light
every side is your good side