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Eating Birds Nest Soup with Trung and Kim–Whale Road Review, June, 2018

Eternity ArrivesVoiceCatcher, mid-November 2017

Insomniac; Tremulous Navigation; Black Moon; Extended Convalescence; The Possibility of Sea-Oregon English Journal, March, 2018, with thanks to Kimberly Clark

Hinge BreachPlum Tree Tavern, October  2017

Happiness Comes (chapbook) will be published by Dancing Girl Press (Kristy Bowed)in early Spring of 2018

Out of the Woods (chapbook) which I produced for the reading and fundraising for Willawaw Journal (2017) is now available on this site. See Purchase on the menu.

If the Orange Cones Were Pawns I Could Be QueenHubbub, Volume thirty-two, 2017

In the Court of Louie the XIV; Reading with AndrewOregon English Journal, Fall 2016

We Sit and We WalkThe Absence of Something Specified, an Anthology,
eds. Laura LeHew, Quinton Hallett, Colette Jonopolus, and Cheryl Loetscher, 2016.

She Said She Was a MercyThe Quietry

Rapprochement–SundayOregonian, oregonlive.com

This is Not a Drill-Oregon English Journal

I Dream of Ann —Oregon English Journal

For Ruel Foster —Oregon English Journal

Patagonia Dreams —Cloudbank Magazine

Sometimes My Universe —Cloudbank Magazine

The Woods of My ChildhoodOPA’s Verseweavers, Poet’s Choice

From Knik Arms to Potter’s MarshOPA’s Verseweavers