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Rachel Barton, Co-Chair for the Willamette Writers on the River (Corvallis Chapter), is a poet and writing coach. She edits  Willawaw Journal and is a member of  the Calyx editorial collective. You can trace her poems through several literary magazines and online journals. Her chapbook, Out of the Woods, is available on her website.  Happiness Comes is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press in . For examples of her work, go to Rachel Barton


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Rachel Barton, poet, writing coach, and editor, has been published in print or online in Cloudbank, Hubbub, Oregon English Journal, VoiceCatcher, Plum Tree Tavern, and more. She has taught poetry workshops independently and at Linn-Benton Community College, the Northwest Poets Concord, Willamette Writers on the River, and the Oregon Poetry Association Conference. She is editor of Willawaw Journal, an online journal for poetry and art, and is a member of the editorial collective for the woman’s journal, Calyx. She facilitates a couple of longstanding critique groups and is co-chair for Writers on the River, the Corvallis Chapter of Willamette Writers, in 2018. Barton just released a chapbook, Out of the Woods, and also writes short stories (BeZine, Kindred Journal, Blue Cubicle Press). Her chapbook, Happiness Comes, will be published by Dancing Girl Press (Chicago) in 2018. To learn more, go to Rachel Barton

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Rachel Barton is a poet whose work is driven by character, image and concrete detail, often couched in the natural world.  Her poems and stories tend to reflect loss and yearning for connection.  After publishing several chapbooks of her own work and of her students, Barton is moving forward with the launch of Willawaw Journal, an online magazine of poetry and art.  The first issue went live in the Summer of 2017. The second issue is due out in late December. She has just released a chapbook, Out of the Woods, May, 2017. Her chapbook, Happiness Comes, will be published by Kristy Bowen’t Dancing Girl Press (Chicago) in early 2018.

Barton has offered poetry workshops at Linn-Benton Community College (Corvallis, Oregon) and has also taught them independently.  The classes are generative, as well as critical, and are modeled after the Writing Project in which the writer develops his or her voice in a supportive community of writers.  Participants have closed the term with the publication of individual chapbooks or with a public reading of their works at a local venue. The class is evolving to become a group-by-invitation. Stay tuned!

In addition to serving as editor for Willawaw Journal, Barton is an ongoing member of the editorial poetry collective for Calyx Journal.  She participates in several critique groups, poetry and fiction, and attends regional writing conferences such as the Newport Poets Concord (currently on hiatus), the Oregon Poetry Association Conference, and the Willamette Writers Conference.  She also attends the Willamette Writers on the River in Corvallis and will step-up as co-chair in 2018.

Barton earned her B.A. in English at West Virginia University (1976) where she also pursued graduate studies in art with a focus on printmaking.  In 1978, she immigrated to Anchorage where she continued her study of printmaking at the Visual Arts Center of Alaska, participating in juried shows and winning prizes. For the next decade, she worked as a studio artist, moving from printmaking to clay and watercolor as she began to raise her family.  Her pots and watercolors won prizes and were displayed in juried exhibits at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art where her work is represented in the museum’s permanent collection.  She participated in two and three person shows in Anchorage until the late 80s.

In 1990, Barton found a new career in bodywork after studying at the school, Na Pua Olo’he, on Kaui.  Over the next eight years, she built her personal practice and continued to learn healing methods from a handful of indigenous healers from Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, New Mexico, and Alberta.

In 2004, Barton moved to Oregon and, in 2006, earned her Masters in Teaching from Western Oregon University.  She taught English and ESOL and facilitated the CRISS Literacy Project at Sweet Home High School. After her second year of teaching, she enrolled in the Oregon Writing Project Summer Institute at Willamette University and became a Teacher Consultant.  The following summer she completed the OWP’s Advanced Poetry.  She had found/returned to her new home in writing.

Barton also studied Spanish at LBCC (2005, 2010) and in Veracruz at the Language Immersion School (2007). In 2012, she visited John of God in Abadania, Brazil.

Barton’s poetry publications include Cloudbank, Hubbub, The Oregon English Journal, The Quietry, VoiceCatcher, Plumtree Tavern, Verseweavers, and the Sunday Oregonian. She also has a poem in the anthology, The Absence of Something Specified (Eds. Laura Lehew, Quinton Hallett, et al). Blue Cubicle Press published her short story, The Muse, in The Last Line magazine and Anchor & Plume published I Remember Ellie in their spring/summer, 2016 edition of Kindred Journal.  Most recently, BeZine published Walking Along the Edge online in their July Issue, 2017. For more information and examples of her work, please go to Rachel

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