Chapbook Editorial Services

Have you got a couple dozen poems or pieces of short prose that you want to gather into a chapbook but you don’t know where to start? Consult with me! I have been coaching students and fellow poets for a few years and have produced a number of chapbooks for them and for myself. Reap the benefits of my experience!

Your initial consultation is free. Rates following are by the hour and very reasonable. In addition to editing and fine-tuning the organization of your collection, I am an experienced producer of saddle-stitched (or stapled) chapbooks and can offer my advice on cover art. I make use of Word’s bookfold page set-up to create a half-page (5.5 x 8.5 inches) booklet. I can create your chapbook with you or coach you on creating your own. Please contact me below, if you are interested.

Rachel Barton has a Masters in Teaching from Western Oregon University and trained as a Teacher Consultant with the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University. In another life-time, she completed two years of graduate studies in fine art at West Virginia University before Alaska called her home. She practiced lithography at the Visual Arts Center of Alaska for three years before launching herself into one of her favorite productions:  family. Now living in the Northwest, poems clutter her desk, paints and brushes line the shelves beside her. This is the life–