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Solstice and Loose Ends

As the year crashes headlong to a close with the dark siphoning the serotoninSeascape Stock Photo from my brain in 7-11 Big Gulps, and the promise of Sostice only a week away, I wonder will I muddle through my pile of mending before the new year?   What about the sister collages waiting for edges?

I did clean up my poetry page, if you care to check out the quick links to my published poems.

I did find a magazine for my first published short story (The Muse, The Last Line Magazine, Winter Edition, from Blue Cubicle Press). Small victories. 🙂

And my poetry students did read and share their completed chapbooks on December 6th–that’s a big victory!  Kudos to Steve Blevans, Sandy Lizut, Carolyn Sparling, Nancy Jamieson, Karen Jones, Linda Gelbrich, Linda Varsell Smith, Freda Fredriksen, Jana Seeliger, and Pam Wilson!

Freda Fredriksen
Linda Gelbrich
Karen Jones
Linda V. Smith

I wish each of you a gentle transition through the potential mania of holidays to the promise of new in the new year.  Be kind to yourself and remember, you are enough.



Far Lookout Writing Retreat, Oak Grove

Far Lookout Retreat 020

For one week, I kept my own company off the grid—no emails or net-surfing, just the blank page, scads of delicious vegetables, and the companionship of green outside the window.  I did wander under the canopy of oaks during my morning walks which strengthened me in the old way, as if I were still walking in the woods of my childhood.  One evening, I sat on the terrace with my hosts, Michael Hoeye and Martha Banyas, listened to their stories of the land and of their art and read to them a little from my work in progress.  The clarity of intention was visible in every nook of the gardens as well as in the beautifully maintained house, studio, and cottage. Continue reading Far Lookout Writing Retreat, Oak Grove